Every now and then we come across a statement online that makes you realise just how differently we all think and react to different situations. I’m not talking about Michelle Bachman kind of delusion that we all know exists, but other unexpected things.

On Modelmayhem, a site I use to network and find models, there is a profile of a model who I believe is in Sydney. His profile says “don’t even think about asking me to do nudes. It is disrespectful to me and to my family.” Um… what? I understand that each person is raised with a set of values instilled by their parents or guardians but to enquire about a different set of values is disrespecting his family? Not in the slightest. You can just say no buddy!

I’m struggling to see how an innocent question to an individual could possibly be taken as a slur on one’s family but I guess the guy has his reasons. My guess is that he has had a very conservative upbringing and thinks the word boobs is swearing. Even the most conservative people I know, if asked to pose for drawings like those above, or artistic nude photos, wouldn’t be offended. They’d politely decline but would possibly even be flattered.