In today’s bustling modern homosexual world where a large portion of social interactions are conducted without face to face proximity, it’s important that one conducts ones self with the loftiest of double standards in place.

One must demand nothing but a hung, straight acting muscle god with Abercrombie looks between 25 & 30 when one would most certainly not fit one’s own criteria.
One is perfectly justified to demand a matching set of face pic, full body shot and erect cock shot in the first message or you refuse to respond. It’s also perfectly acceptable not to supply any of the above yourself as one needs to guard one’s privacy.
This is a concept I feel we should take further. After all we are searching out prospective sexual encounters and even romance so it’s only fair to aim for the best. Perhaps one should require a partner, sexual or romantic, to speak several languages to compensate for the neanderthal illiteracy displayed in the writing of one’s own profile?
It is only natural that you may want to marry a flight attendant so that you can travel at highly dicounted prices after all, we all like to travel but if I wanted to wait hand and foot on people that can afford to travel one would have become a flight attendant myself.
So, when you are creating your online persona, think not what you can offer, but what you can demand because you are lacking yourself!