It seems to me that Tony, of LargeTony and West of Mayberry fame, doesn’t like to let the grass grow under his feet. So it is that he’s wound up West of Mayberry, as he did with LargeTony and he’s started a new blog that will combine the moods of both blogs. The new blog is called The Third Leg, which I can partly claim responsibility for. I was doing my follow-friday tweets and said that Tony had three legs, referring to his generous endowment. Thus, the name was born.

Also starting anew this year is Kirill from Active Naturists. Kirill is a very enthusiastic nudist and a lovely guy, always trying to promote the natural state of nudity amongst friends. His old incarnation of Active Naturists was shut down by blogger, being the conservative types they are. So he’s been recreating the archives and has now launched again in a new location!