This morning, for the first day of 2012, I woke up at about 8am to a perfectly blue sky which has been all too rare in Sydney of late, so I had some breakfast and by 10am I was lying butt naked on the beach reading a book with a handful of others sharing the beach.

By the time I left just over 3 hours later I’d witnessed an almost perfect mix of people on the beach.

There were the 60+ year old lesbian couple with their boobs to their knees, the young family, the young straight couple trying to find the balance between their first trip to a nude beach and their attraction to each other. There were a few people who would be clinically defined as morbidly obese, but still soaking up the sunshine dressed in nothing but a smile. There was the lovely 50 year old guy who had grown up nudist and made good conversation.

In recent times my favoured nude beach has been getting less and less nude and even raided by police, but today I would say that the nudies outnumbered the textiles, or at least that’s how it felt.

I came home and lazed around the house nude relaxing and reading. Altogether I would say it was a blissful start to the year!