It’s the last day of the 2011 here in Sydney and as can be expected, the evening will be full of introspection and reflection, and a bit of vodka.

I won’t touch on political and world events here in this post, they are being rehashed all over the globe in lists and count downs on every news station around the world. This is a post about MY 2011.

I can’t help but feel like I’ve had a fantastic year. Sure, I may be single again and some family members and people around me have had a really tiring and testing year, and I will be thinking of them tonight too.

2011 is the first year I’ve had a real, adult, healthy relationship that left me better than when I went into it and I have to thank Dan for that. I ticked off some really big bucket list items this year, fulfilling dreams of having a photographic exhibition, enjoying the craziness that is Burning Man and walking around, loving ever second of New York City.

I came a long way, introducing my family to someone special for the first time in 12 years and having them like him and accept him.

In 2012 I am hoping that some of that emotional stability continues and maybe, just maybe I’ll find someone special this year, but if not I have my next exhibition and all sorts of other good stuff to look forward to.

I hope all my readers, commenters and contributers all have an amazing New Year’s Eve, whether it’s partying hard or enjoying a low key evening like I will be, and that you all have the most fulfilling 2012 it’s possible to imagine!