So, it’s already the morning of Christmas Eve here in Sydney and I’m getting myself organised to go and pick up my Great Aunt from the station and drive down to Wollongong to spend Christmas with my family.

Our Christmases are fairly low-key these days, with just 8 of us. My only surviving grandparent, mum’s dad, is not doing very well at 95 in a home with a brain tumour that is slowly killing him. He’s barely aware of anything, but seems to be holding on, whether that’s good or bad, I can’t be sure.

Our Christmas will be good fun with my niece and nephew hopefully enjoying all their presents. We’ll all enjoy my mum’s over catering as usual before napping in the afternoon.

On Boxing Day I will be heading off on a road trip up north to some friends that live just outside Byron Bay for a few days. We’ll be sitting in their pool, nude, drinking beers, heading to the beach and also doing a couple of photo shoots for my exhibition.

I’ll be back in Sydney for New Year’s Eve and will post again then.

I wish you all a very happy holiday season, which ever religion or style of celebration that means to you and your loved ones. Big Aussielicious hugs to you all.