When one is re-entering the dating (wading) pool after a significant relationship, it is important to forget anything you may have learnt from that relationship and hit the default switch on your behaviour.

Today, my office has played host to a stunning specimen of male model for a photo shoot. Naturally he is beautiful, but he is also charming, friendly, down to earth and polite. Equally as naturally, I’ve fallen deeply in lust with him.

Through some delicate and very subtle google and facebook research one has concluded that the object of my lust is a decade younger, a enormous proportion hotter and despite a mutual facebook friend’s statement that he’s “a little hetero-flexible under the right circumstances” almost certain to never be waking up in my arms.

Of course, one is only made more certain of our impending nuptials when the male model, who has himself graced the cover of men’s health magazine, asks if I’ve been working out. Cue the schoolgirl style giggling. Why yes one has…

Tips to remember for those newly single (again)? If they are geographically unavailable, emotionally unavailable or physically unavailable, then they are almost certain to be the ones that one falls for. It’s important to fall back into habits that never worked in the first place.