The last time I had a competition I had several beautiful entries, self portraits taken by readers, some who are a touch exhibitionistic, others just creative.

Curtis, by popular vote, won the self portrait competition with the photo above. This time around, the theme isn’t a self portrait, but rather a photo of your favourite place in your city. It could be on your window sill looking over the city, in a local park you love or something you see on your way to work every day.

What’s the prize? Curtis has kindly agreed to give a print of his self portrait as the prize. I’m trying a pay-it-forward system of prizes here on the blog for upcoming competitions. So when you are taking your photos for this competition, make them beautiful and make them good quality for printing because if you win, it may well be the prize offered up in the next competition.

So, get shooting in your favourite part of your city. The deadline for this competition is 31st January 2012. Email your submissions to