Todd Sanfield is a model that has been very popular with the gay blogs since he first appeared on the cover of DNA a few years ago. I was certainly impressed. So impressed that I bought the same speedos he was wearing on the cover.

These days Todd is still very popular and it seems wearing even less. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a photo of him wearing anything more than underwear or swimwear. With a body like that, why would you. He’s definitely not shy, with the more recent DNA shoot being borderline porn with hint of somewhat fluffed cock tantalisingly visible.

Now that Todd has launched his own underwear label I wonder if there is a conflict of interest and he’ll ONLY be shooting nudes from now on if it’s not his own underwear. He’s certainly gaining plenty of exposure from it all but as a model I wonder if it’s a bit pigeon-holing only doing the one style of modelling?

Who am I kidding? I rarely shoot guys wearing anything so models like Todd are a godsend.