Yesterday’s marriage equality rally in Sydney, to the Australian Labor Party Conference, was very successful in showing support for our cause and helped achieve a huge step forward for Australian Marriage Equality. Estimates of between 5,000 and 10,000 people marched through the streets yesterday, through busy shopping areas and main streets of downtown Sydney.

Before the rally even started, the conference had debated the issue and voted on two motions presented. The first was an outstanding success, that the Labor Party has officially changed it’s policy to endorse gay marriage. Sadly the second, in a way, reduces the first to a token gesture, but still opens the door for success.

The second motion was to let Labor party members vote with their conscience on the issue if a bill is presented to Parliament to legalise gay marriage, rather than forcing them to vote with party policy. That means that all the right wing faction within the party are not obliged to vote to allow gay marriage.

The fight is not over. We will now have to work on the federal opposition, the Liberal Party to get enough votes within that party to ensure a bill will be passed through Parliament thus introducing gay marriage as a legal and wonderful thing.