So I posted about our X-Factor winner’s single sounding exactly like Pink’s Raise Your Glass. Someone has kindly mashed the two together to illustrate it more fully.
I have also had a piece of feedback on another unrelated website profile from someone that reads this blog. I thought I’d share it’s slightly flawed logic with you all. “So what if Reece performed a song. Pity on you, you paedo fo following a child of 16 years of age. Keep your hate campaign in your own camp. and fuck off.”
Firstly, Reece performed and recorded the song. I’m not blaming him for the rip-off but the “writers” that the show used. I’m not a “paedo” for following Reece. I watched him on a family friendly national tv show. If I’m “following him” how am I hating on him? Dear over-enthusiastic reader, I think you have an unhealthy obsession with Reece for you to be so violently defensive of him.