If you ever want motivation to completely overhaul your diet and exercise regime, your beauty regime and your swimwear collection, then I strongly suggest you get yourself along to a DNA Pool Party early. I arrived at the Ivy Pool bar on Saturday afternoon, not long after the party opened as I only had a few hours before I had to head off, which meant it was myself, a couple of other early arrivals, some DNA staff and the models. Lots of models.

Like most parties, people congregated with people they identified with. What did that mean to me on Saturday? It meant I was sitting near the bar within easy viewing distance of an extremely intimidating cluster of hot.

Shortly after the crowds started pouring in, in direct proportion to the speed the clouds disappeared and the beautiful blazing sun came out to make the water sparkle, the teeth shine and the oiled up tanned flesh of the models glisten. There was a fashion parade of tiny swimwear hosted by the gorgeous and lovely Will Fennell, assisted by Brodie. The music was perfect, the crowd was all mingling and laughing and the sun was blazing. When I left, it was all good and by all reports, it stayed exactly like that.