Today on Twitter, I came across the twitter profile of the cute guy in the absolutely adorable “It’s Time” video that I posted that has swept across the world with it’s simple romantic charm. Keep in mind, this post is based on some very brief and unintrusive online stalking on facebook and twitter.

Julian Shaw is a film maker, a director, an actor, a blogger, a journalist and from what I can see a very driven guy. He’s produced a photographic novel, a feature film, done some public speaking and now he’s jumped to our attention as the face of GetUp’s fight to end Marriage Discrimination.

So who is he? Well, I have no idea. I do know that a lot of people will assume he’s gay because of his involvement with the GetUp video. I haven’t seen any proof of that on the bits of his facebook profile that I can see, nor his twitter. So I’m going to break it down in two possible ways.

One. Julian is a gay man that is fighting for equality, putting himself out there to achieve what he thinks is fair and just, but he’s also breaking a few stereotypes. He seems to have quite a macho obsession with Rugby Union and would fit the “straight acting” stereotype. Most of the “straight acting” types that I’ve met are terrified of being perceived as being gay, so Julian is defying that one.

The second option is that Julian is a straight man. One of those fantastic straight men that is fighting our fight right there along side us, and a good few steps in front of a lot of us. Some of the “gay mafia” would have us believe that if he’s identifying as straight now he’ll come out soon enough, but I say if he’s straight, then he is our best ally. We need straight people like Ben Cohen and David Pocock standing up and shouting to the world that it’s not just gay people who think they deserve equality.

Either way, Julian has set an example that most of us would do well to follow and ultimately, does it matter which team he’s on?