Today Kylie Minogue was inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame at their 25th Anniversary Awards ceremony. The ARIAs as the Australian Record Industry Awards.

It’s great to see her receive the recognition she deserves even though the radio stations don’t really give her the airplay they should even though they are all playing similar styles of music.

I’ve been a fan of Kylie’s since she started in 1987 with Locomotion and when I get asked why I love her so much I struggle to answer. As with anyone that loves something dearly, it’s hard to put specifics on it, it just works. There are a couple of songs that Kylie has recorded that I don’t like and there are some definite favourites but I will be a staunch supporter for as long as she’s working. It’s no secret that it is a long-held dream of mine to work with Kylie creatively, even a one-off photo shoot.