Tonight on a “serious current affairs” program I saw a story being promoted for tomorrow night about some people who were fed up with the wild shenanigans of their neighbours. From the footage I saw I’d be annoyed by constant partying too but the line that the “serious current affairs” program kept using was the fact that the couple were disgusted and deeply disturbed by the nudity.

That’s right those disgusting people kept taking their clothes off. God forbid that people do a cheeky nudie run from the pool to the house, or a girl takes her bikini top off. Maybe we should suggest to them that if they can’t beat them, join them. Go on cranky neighbours, take your gear off and streak their party. See what they say.

Now before I get lectured on polite social behaviour, I’m not (entirely) serious. Noisy partying neighbours constantly would drive me mental too, but to cry on a national “serious current affairs” program? Call the police. It’s pretty simple. I am serious however at the ludicrousness of being deeply offended and disturbed by the sight of healthy attractive people comfortable in being nude, even if it is for a laugh. I often wonder if these people shower with a blindfold and gloves on.