Australia is a very multicultural country with huge immigrant populations from all over the world. Today I had two disappointing and sad conversations/arguments on facebook about racism. It all began when I saw a post about muslim “towelheads” and how they should go home. So I posted a status update on facebook:

“Racist abuse of all Muslims because you’ve had a run in with one is like abuse of all straight people because ONE called you a faggot. We are NOT going to become a muslim state any time soon. Before you get too precious about protecting Australia, let’s not forget the genocide we committed of the Aboriginal race just 220+ years ago.”

That prompted a comment of “u an idiot” by a guy that I had as a friend for political reasons but who I distrusted and disliked after having brief and unsatisfactory business dealings with him a few years ago. He went on to attack, in a very poorly written, spelt and grammatical way, anyone that disagreed with him that Muslims weren’t all terrorists and wearing a burka is not “terrorist getup”

Then he started calling me a mincing queen and saying “are all you Queens just dumb or what?” That was the line that really pissed me off as he himself is a gay man that is best known for running a very large annual gay event. Rather badly it turns out, as the event went completely bust. It was at that point that I reported him for harassment to facebook and blocked him. I think he occasionally reads this blog so I wait with baited breath for the vitriolic comments to start here.

Thankfully very single other commenter on my status wholeheartedly agreed with and supported me. How can one minority group attack another? It just doesn’t make sense.