This comment also came through a few years ago after the interview with a straight reader and the subsequent comments.

I’m a straight guy from NYC leaving a comment. Two of my good friends are gay. They asked me to take a look at your blog tonight. I want to share a few comments regarding this topic.

First, I LOVE Australia, the country and people. I’m 36 and have been 5 times. I have traveled all corners. Thanks for the incredibly warm hospitality.

Onto the topic at hand. I learned so much from my younger brother. He is 4 years younger than me and came out to the family 5 years ago. A year before that he came out to me. I will never forget it. He called me late one night and needed a ride, not to his place, but mine. He and some friends were leaving a party and a couple of guys beat up a couple of them, including my brother. Both eyes blackened, a few cuts, bruises all over. It wasn’t until we were back at my place and I had cleaned him up that the story came out. I had always wondered if he was gay, but it was something we just couldn’t talk about in my family. He was straight acting, athletic, made straight A’s, but never dated a girl and never talked about girls. That evening he had been out with some of his gay friends to dinner, then to a party. A car stopped and a couple of guys started to harass them. I will never forget him sitting on the living room floor next to me telling me this… and telling me he was gay. It still brings tears to my eyes. He means the world to me and I could not bare (sp) the thought of people beating him up over his sexual orientation. That night I assured him how much I loved him and I vowed to myself to learn everything I could about homosexuality and to support him as he came out to our family.

Fast forward to today. I am fortunate to have a lot of friends. But I’d say about 7 are in my really close circle, those that I tell everything and can depend on for anything. Two of them are the guys who showed me this blog tonight. I believe through this experience with my brother I have become extremely comfortable with my own sexuality and my ability to emotionally relate to both sexes. I love my male friends, but I do not want to sleep with them. I jacked off several times with buds in college, but didn’t want to suck their dicks. Of course I check out handsome well built, well hung guys, but I don’t want have sex with them. And by the way, women check out big breasted women all the time. Yes, I buzz up my bush and shave my balls – so I’m a metrosexual, not a homosexual. And yes, the guys at the gym I work out at, Equinox, check me out, but I don’t care because if I were gay I’d discreetly check out guys I was interested in too… especially if they were naked in the locker room!

I agree there are some gay guys who are always trying to argue that some straight guy is gay. I believe that a lot of straight guys are not comfortable with their sexuality and don’t know how to express it. And I believe there are some gay guys who are always looking for “the clue” that a guy is gay so that they can either justify their existance or win the toaster. :)