Over four years ago I did an interview with a straight reader of the blog who is a nudist and also very comfortable with his sexuality and the fact that he is straight, and as a result very comfortable nude with gay men. Of course that post resulted in a lot of gay men claiming he’s really gay but in denial. Cleaning out my old emails from a very long time ago I came across a couple of email responses to that post and the gay mafia’s claims that the guy was really gay. I thought I’d post those emails. Here is the first of them.

I’m str8 and live with a gay guy who has become a good friend over the 10 months he has lived here. I like him. He is funny, very competitive, and likes a lot of the same things i do. In other words, we are very similar.

I was mad yesterday because it seems some of these gay guys cant be happy, won’t be happy or refuse to be happy until every str8 guy in the world acknowledges that he is secretly gay. My roommate knew the topic would set me off because I have had fraternity brothers who I’ve known for 6 or 7 years actually ask me if I’m gay because I have a gay roommate. Turns out, my fraternity brothers aren’t the only ones with twisted logic as evidenced by some of those first posts to your interview story.

The point is nudity doesnt equal sex and sex doesnt equal sexuality. And sexuality is not something anybody chooses. Haha I borrowed that last one from ‘the gay agenda’ people. I beleive its true. But if your gay readers believe it’s true, then they need to examine some of the rush-to-judgement pronouncements they made about the interview.

Heres some debunkers to think about as they apply to me:

1. I love bein naked. I dont put on clothes just because there is a gay guy in my condo. When I can be naked, I am and most of the time that means when I’m by myself. but if my gay roommate is around, it doesnt stop me. Being naked or enjoying being naked doesnt make me gay.

2. I shave my nuts. I trim my pubes. I trim my chest. I like how it makes me look. Yes, my roommate pointed out that a lot of gay guys do that. A lot of str8 guys do too. It is so mainstream now that I hardly think that qualifies for discussion. Do u think that David Beckham is gay?L ooks do not make me gay.

3. I have experimented with guys. It is something most everybody does. for me, it was mostly jackin off and some oral in junior high and high school. What I did as a 15yo does not make me gay. And whenever I see a dick, it doesnt make me want to suck it. I also tried smoking in high school. whenever I see a cigarette now I also have no desire to take a puff. Experiences growing up do not make me gay.

4. My gay roommate has a boyfriend with an enormous cock. I have seen it and I can appreciate how lucky he is. I am doing what everybody else does. All dudes check out dudes / even str8 ones. It’s part of the way our brains are wired. Anyone who tells u he doesnt is lying. Noticing somebodys cock or appreciating it doesnt make me gay.

5. I jack off a lot. Even at 26 I jack off all the time. I jack off watching porn and if u have never seen str8 porn, you wouldnt know it but probably 60% of it is focused on cock. Cock in pussy / cock in mouth / cock jettin a load on tits… it’s all cock focused and u know what? I get off on it. Obviously a lot of str8 guys do because porn is big business. But watching porn that involves a cock or getting off on it doesnt mean I’m gay.

My roommate, on the other hand, who exhibits every one of these same traits (including jackin off to str8 porn) is gay. He is gay because thats how he is wired. He cant change that anymore than I can change the wiring that makes me str8.

It’s time for everybody to get a clue. I understand a lot of guys are in the closet, but i think you have to look deeper than attitudes and surface traits. my roommate looks, talks and plays sports like my str8 friends. my girlfriend has even had the ignorance to suggest he is ‘secretly str8’ and just lacked male bonding or something during adolescence. that kind of talk (which mirrors some of your readers) is such horseshit.