Last night at my circus class there was a new guy that I did know was going to be there. He’s a 21 year old model, gymnast and stunning guy. I’ve seen some of his modelling work and saw him perform in the annual show just after my holiday. The guy is ripped, really strong, flexible and just plain gorgeous and intimidating, also happens to be lovely.

It’s a really bad idea, especially so soon after a breakup, to compare yourself to a 21 year old model who probably doesn’t even have to try very hard to stay in the shape he’s in. There is a lot of genetic lottery winning going on in this guy. At 38 I’m not doing too badly but I really need to lift my game. I’ve been very lazy with my training and I can feel it and I don’t like it. I just need to find the balance in using guys like this as inspiration as opposed to them just depressing me.

Before anyone suggests it, I can’t afford his rates as a model. He costs about $1,000+ per day.