David took part in our recent Self Portrait Challenge here on Aussielicious and is a big fan of nude beaches and Hawaii, so he’s kindly sent in these photos and his own run down on the nude beach situation in Hawaii.

Hawaii used to be one place in the world in which there was never a problem being naked in public just about anytime you wanted to. Hawaii has always had a live and let live attitude about just about everything and although nudity was officially prohibited at public beaches, this ordinance was almost never enforced. If you wanted to go for a late-day swim and you forgot your bathing suit, on any weekday you could pretty much head for a deserted local beach, strip off and enjoy the Pacific’s warm waters. Although there are no official nude beaches on any of the Hawaiian Islands, several have decidedly been designated nude beaches by the local population. Two of the largest and best are Little Beach on Maui and Donkey Beach on Kauai. Little Beach in Makena is situated on cliffs overlooking Big Beach and is a bit of a challenge to get to, having to climb up some pretty steep cliffs and then head down an unpaved path to the beach. Once you’re there, it’s a nudist’s paradise, usually frequented by surfers, boogie boarders, Frisbee throwers, gay and straight couples of all ages, almost all of whom enjoy being naked together.

Some of the photos of me seen here were taken on Little Beach. Donkey Beach on Kauai has been a nude beach since the late 1960s, when it was often visited by stoned-out hippies. I’ve been getting naked on that beach for the past twenty years. It was originally an unmarked beach at the 11 mile marker, north of Kapa’a. You simply parked your car on the road and walked through an unpaved sugar cane field, following a rock path down to the beach. Unfortunately in recent years, a developer purchased the land from the sugar cane company and elected to build high-end houses valued in excess of three million dollars on the property. A parking lot has been installed, as well as a paved path to the beach, the once secluded beach being secluded no more. You can usually find a mixture of clothed and unclothed bathers on the beach but this is no longer the “hang loose” beach that it used to be. Several of the photos of me were taken at Donkey Beach and you can notice the folks in the background who are fully clothed, while I was enjoying my nakedness. Still both beaches are definitely worth a visit, if you heading out to either Maui or Kauai.