Who would have known that growing up in America’s Midwest means you like a good hug? I never did, but that’s what I’ve learnt from an interview with Kellan Lutz. The other thing I learnt is that gay men are all neat and he’d rather live with a gay man because we keep the place tidy. I beg to differ on that one Kellan. My boyfriend will attest to the fact that my room is usually a mess. But we’re going to let that slide because Kellan loves us.

What else did we learn from Kellan? We learnt that he goes to spas and is happy chilling out nude in the hot tub and has mediocre gaydar. The fact that Kellan was sitting nude in a hot tub with a guy he didn’t know at the time was hitting on him but is totally fine with it is fantastic.

Of course the cynical blogger in me thinks a lot of this could be good press to win over an audience that might be just as happy if he never said a word as long as he keeps his shirt off. But I will take it at face value. Kellan loves the gays!