Last week I had a comment from a reader on my Teamm8 post saying I really should own up to being paid or receiving gifts in exchange for posts on the blog from companies. To be honest, even though the reader has said he meant no offense, I was a little put out.

I post about companies on this blog that I like and that I want to support. AussieBum has received by far the most posts on Aussielicious over the years, but I post about them because I like them, not because I’ve had some free underwear over the years. AussieBum did indeed sponsor my photography exhibition this year and as part of that sponsorship I offered to post about all their new releases for a year. I offered, they didn’t ask. And in my defence, if I need it, my blog gets at least 2,500 hits per day, so I think my posting over the years would add up to more in advertising dollars than the sponsorship that was given plus a few pairs of underpants.

I lay my heart out on this blog and have done for years, so to suggest that I am being shady in my dealings is offensive. You’ll also note that I have not put links to the companies referenced in this post, just to prove a point.