When I hit Vegas I intended to go to a Korean Baths that I had heard about but when I got to my hotel the guy at the counter told me he’d heard good things about Qua Spa at Caesar’s Palace. Well, I can guarantee that anything good that you hear is correct. It is a very luxurious roman baths style of spa with separate men’s and women’s areas. Each has a baths section with warm, hot and cold baths as well as having a steam room, a sauna, an aromatherapy steam room and a cool room that is “snowing” bubbles of moisturising foam.

Given that it’s in a luxurious Casino Hotel, don’t expect the prices to be cheap, but for a weary traveller who had been in dusty desert for a week, $45 to soak, nude in luxury for a few hours was a price I was more than willing to pay.