I don’t think anyone who has been in the dating scene longer than a few minutes would argue that it’s tough out there navigating the rules, etiquette, disappointment and pitfalls of the dating world.

A friend of mine is at the stage where he’s angry. I see lots of elements of me a couple of years ago in what is going on with him. He’s frustrated with guys stuffing him around, not sure what he’s doing wrong. He’s angry at the scene and it’s attitude. He’s struggling with feeling like an outsider in a world he is in but not in at the same time.

This guy doesn’t like clubbing or lots of the stereotypical aspects of the scene, and is struggling to meet guys anywhere else, so he ends up on dates with guys he’s not really compatible with. It wasn’t so long ago that I felt a bit the same. Here I was in my late 30’s and never having been in a real relationship and focussed on it so intently it drove me crazy. Many blog readers, as well as good friends told me I just needed to stop thinking about it. Much easier said than done.

Another friend managed to get through to me. What he said wasn’t even that different but somehow it got through to me. I got on with enjoying my life and making the most of my time being single. I made myself happy. By changing the way I looked at things and reacted to them, that frustration and anger did disappear and the happier me was what people saw. Personally I got busy shooting and working on my exhibition and the next thing you know, my now boyfriend and I met, chatted and got on really well…

My angry friend is posting things on facebook about loathing the scene, hating all the men he’s meeting and being over Sydney. It’s not Sydney. The only common denominator in all of his troubles is him. I hope he works it out soon.