Planning my trip to the U.S. I knew that I would want to relax after the crazy nature of Burning Man, so I googled gay clothing optional Vegas and Blue Moon Resort was about my only option.

To use the word resort may be stretching the term a bit but overall I liked the place. It was a bit further from “The Strip” than I expected and not having a car it meant I paid for several cabs when I didn’t feel like the hike in. Cab drivers seemed a bit hit and miss as far as knowing where it was too but that’s not the resort’s fault. It seems a lack of the local language and knowledge of the area is the plight of cab drivers around the world.

My main problem with gay resorts is that they never seem to be quite finished off. The rooms at Blue Moon were relatively basic but quite nice and my room had a seriously comfortable bed. If you are going to play three channels of (at times a very strange selection) of free porn, maybe ease up on supplying little body lotions, and pop a tube of lube in the basket instead. The free wireless was a hit and miss but that’s probably because the modem was dangling from the socket and sitting on the ground in the corridoor.

If you want an attitude free stay in Vegas with the option of lying naked by a pool, or even cruising in their steam room (I didn’t venture in) with staff that were very helpful and friendly, then Blue Moon could be the place for you.