Last night a reader posted a comment about one of the self portrait entries that was mean spirited and nasty. Whether it was meant that way or not, there was not a shred of tact involved. Clearly this reader has something against foreskins and thinks it’s “sad” to have a foreskin. That reader is entitled to his opinion and to post it. However, I would expect my readers to have some common courtesy and post comments constructively and tactfully and not as a personal attack.

I debated deleting the comment but knowing my loyal readers I knew that there would be several comments pulling the commenter into line by the time I woke up this morning. The original commenter has commented again that I am entitled to delete the comment. My argument is that I shouldn’t have to. The internet has become a hotbed of insulting and rude behaviour veiled by anonymity. I don’t want to censor my readers thoughts but I do ask people to bear in mind how they would feel if they had bravely put themselves out there on the internet and someone said the same comment about them.