Today I’m having a day off sick from work and I thought I’d watch some DVD’s when I wasn’t napping so I got a hold of Eating Out 3 and Redwoods.

First up was Eating Out Three starring Chris Salvatore (left and middle above) and Michael R Walker who both get their junk out, as you can see. Now if you see Eating Out 1 & 2 you’ll know that they are very very light hearted fluff pieces with pretty average writing, even more average acting with a bit of muscle and cock thrown in to keep you from turning it off. What I do like about them, apart from the gratuitous muscle and cock is that they don’t pretend to be anything other than what they are.

Redwoods was at the other end of the gay cinema spectrum. Still fairly low budget but so very earnest and sincere it nearly made me more sick. There’s the guy in an unhappy relationship who has a week long affair with a stranger to town. He and his partner are so earnest that they are the proud parents of a differently abled son. Of course the guy that has a fling also has a very understanding and tolerant family. If I brought home a new fling while my hubby was out of town my mother would tear me to shreds not bond with him over washing the dishes. Of course this is gay cinema so there is a couple of brief flashes of cock in it, even from the ever so accepting straight brother.