Today my boss interviewed a potential employee for our office and he’s currently on Australian tv screens in a reality tv show which I guess means he doesn’t make the cut as I’m pretty sure they are still filming.

The point is, my manager and I had both seen some pretty diva behaviour from him on the show which my manager brought up to the boss. It could potentially be a problem because the behaviour is about working with others and making compromises.

My point in this post is whether being on a “reality” tv show could potentially harm your career. Jamie from Australia’s Big Brother a few years ago gained notoriety because he was always getting his giant penis out, but he seemed like a nice guy. Reichen of The Amazing Race has gone on to C Grade celebrity but seems to have a reputation for being a bit of a douche. Scott Herman came across as a lovely guy with some really good values from my understanding and Dustin who was recently on the Real World proved himself to be a hypocrite when he was blatantly homophobic despite living in the Frat Pad and having copious sex with other men on camera.

When Big Brother first started here 10 years ago I thought that it could have been fun but as the years went on the people going on it were more and more fame hungry with less and less to back it up, apart from Jamie’s massive penis of course.

I guess it’s the same as people like me who have a blog. A prospective employer will no doubt google me and may decide that I’m a complete wanker based on this blog.