One of the yahoo groups that I subscribe to for images went through a phase of naming images Dolce far Niente and I had no idea what it mean until I watched “Eat Pray Love” recently. Generally speaking it’s a fairly bland movie, considering I loved the book.

Now I know that Dolce Far Niente is Italian for The Art of Doing Nothing. It’s a concept most of us struggle with. As the movie said, a lot of cultures have evolved to a theory that we have to have achieved the goals set for the day/month/year before we allow ourselves to take a break, but the Italians have made doing nothing an artform. Why should you feel guilty about stopping to enjoy life?

I think we should all appreciate doing nothing. Obviously it’s not practical or fun to NEVER do anything, but I know come summer time, I will gladly appreciate those hours spent luxuriating in the sun naked on the beach.