Successful and very talented photographer Dylan Rosser was kind enough to answer some questions for us about his work and his new project, TMF Magazine! If you want to order the magazine, click here!

How did you get started in photography?
It was a very gradual process. I started by shooting profile pics for guys to use on a popular UK gay dating site. As my work improved I moved on to shooting models and escorts and it all just grew from there. I never trained in photography and still sometimes feel like a beginner even after a decade.

Were you always drawn to photographing the male form?
I was, and still am, that nerdy skinny geek from school who realised I was never gonna get to hang with the muscle guys so I guess this was my only way to finally see them naked.

Your style is quite distinctive. Was that a natural style for you or something you worked towards deliberately?
I don’t think any photographer really goes out of their way to create a distinctive style. It is just born out of whatever influences appealed to me while growing up and maybe my design background has led me to always keep things simple and minimal.

You seem to have a knack for finding rather genitally blessed men. Do you ever get people asking you to enhance that part of them in photoshop?
I like to create a fantasy man so a big dick is often part of that. Models want to look as big as they can so they realise they need to “fluff” it up a bit and try keep it in between soft and hard. I’ve had guys get hard then tie an elastic around the base to keep it big. Then I can just remove the elastic in photoshop. But I do sometimes enhance the size as well. But it need to have that nice semi erect shape to start with.

Would it be fair to assume that the more endowed guys would be more willing to display it?
They might be more willing to show their dick but often they don’t want to show their face. At the end of the day I’m looking for the complete package. Excuse the pun.

You are starting a new digital magazine showcasing other people’s photography. Were you at all worried about promoting other photographers in a fiercely competitive market?
I think there is more competition in the fashion field. Male nude photographers seems to do their own thing, quietly trying to make some money by selling prints and books. I’m more than happy to bring attention to these guys and hopefully promote their work.

What are you hoping to achieve with the magazine?
The term “male nude” in magazines seems to have developed negative connotations. I’m hoping to show that you can have a publication full of male nudity and for it to still be tasteful. My dream is that models and photographers will want to be featured in it because of the way it is presented. I have managed to combine my magazine background, design and photography into one project. There is one rule however – NO fashion!

Will TMF Magazine be a subscription based publication or a free online magazine?
It will cost $3.99 for this issue. I would like to do more but it all depends on how this one does. It took 2 months of my life and a lot of cash for the software so it’s never going to be something I just churn out every month. Maybe if I can get some advertisers for a next issue it will bring the cost down but for now I think it is a fair price.

How have you selected the photographers that you’ve included?
The main interview features are with guys I personally know and who were happy to help me out with this first issue. I’m hoping other talent will want to be included now that they can get a better idea what TMF Magazine is about.

How often will you be publishing TMF?
I want to see how the first one does before I commit to another issue. Possibly every couple months seems like a more realistic goal. Now it is up to photographers and models to get in touch if they have something to promote.

You’ve recently posted some stunning shots of a friend on your site How did you find the experience of shooting a good friend nude?

I usually have a rule about never photographing friends. For me it’s weird to see my friends naked even if they ask really nicely I try find an excuse not to do it.

You shoot in both the U.S. and the U.K. Do you find there is a different attitude with the guys in both continents?
Definitely. It’s much easier to find guys that will do full frontal in London. There are so many people travelling through there and nudity is not such a big deal in Europe. I sometimes find the LA and NYC models more flirty but at the same time less willing to do full frontal. Especially in LA where they want to protect their future acting careers.

Having stunning men nude, often semi or fully aroused in front of you all the time, do you find you’ve become desensitised to that kind of beauty?
It’s always a bit of a thrill the first time the model gets naked, but that last a few seconds and then I’m more concerned about getting good shots and I kinda forget that he is naked. I do get to see a lot of naked guys but compared to what some of people get up to on the gay scene I’m sure they get to see and touch a lot more.

What advice would you have for aspiring photographers out there?
Thanks to digital photography anyone can have go and take time to practice without the expensive cost of film. Join a site like and start networking with people in your area.