Today has been one of those days where you need an eject button or a reset button so you can just abort it and start again tomorrow.

After a really bad night’s sleep at my boyfriend’s I left to go to work and my car wouldn’t start so I waited an hour and a half for roadside assistance who came and gave it a jump start. Once I got to work we had the full compliment of irritatingly eccentric (as opposed to fun eccentric) freelancers in who proceeded to uphold my rationale that there is a reason they don’t have a full time role. Finally at the end of the (cold and wet) day, I got in my car only for it to not start again. So I then proceeded to sit and wait another hour and pay $235 for the battery to be replaced. On a positive note, I did make sure the new battery was completely charged when I sat in traffic barely moving at walking pace for the trip home.

Delightful. Now can I go relax somewhere warm where clothing isn’t required and the sun shines every day in a land free of crazy people?