Despite being a gay, nudist, blogging, circus student essentially I’m still a relatively conservative soul at times. I don’t mean in a bible thumping crazy Westboro Baptist kind of way, but my parents are traditional middle class suburban people and I was raised in that environment. I know I’ve challenged some of my mother’s sensibilities at times but I’m no radical.

One thing I’ve noticed in the circus world, and I barely dabble in it, is the broad mindedness of the folks in it. A couple of years ago two different girls at my school, both identifying as lesbian, found themselves in relationships with men. One of those relationships still continues.

Tonight I found out that one of the women in the school has separated from her long term male partner and father of her tween and teenage children and started a relationship with another woman from the school. Her teenage son is really happy for her, her tween-age daughter is struggling.

By dipping your toe in an unexpected area for a mother in a long term relationship, like circus or anything unconventional I think you broaden your horizons a touch, even if just by meeting new kinds of people. The more you delve the broader your horizons. Would she have entered a relationship with a woman eventually anyway? Who knows? I do know that she’s made a decision to leave a situation that hadn’t made her happy in a very long time and created a new one that is making her happy.

Carnies have taught me that like the body, the mind, if stretched and gently massaged will be more flexible too.