I thought it would never happen, that I might have got away with it but it seems like a trial separation is underway, headed for a nasty breakup. It just goes to show you that you can’t take things for granted. Sitting on the lounge every night having a couple of beers doesn’t help the situation. A little more effort is needed. I hope I can get the spark back, some energy and some enthusiasm.

Sorry, just to clarify, I’m not talking about my relationship with my boyfriend. I’m talking about the relationship with my metabolism. Everyone said that one day I’d put on weight and I never believed them. I could eat what I liked and not worry. Sure, I exercised but in times gone by, if I stopped exercising I lost weight. Apparently that isn’t the case anymore. The weight is slowly creeping on. My workouts haven’t been very good for a year or so and in that same period I’ve also been living in an environment where we have beer in the house all the time and I’ve gone from going two-three weeks without a drink to having a beer or two every night. The result? I feel fat, sluggish and caught in a vicious cycle. I feel lethargic so I don’t go to the gym, but because I don’t go to the gym, I feel lethargic.

Granted, everyone thought I’d get fat once I turned 30, so I did get an extra seven glorious years before my metabolism started to resent my neglectful ways. Time to work on getting that magic back. Things will never be the same again I’m sure but I can always try a bit harder.