In this time of guys covered in tattoos, edgy haircuts, androgyny or hyper masculinity every now and then a bit of good old fashioned boy next door hotness is a welcome change. Ryan Daharsh blipped on the collective gay radar (not gaydar, he’s probably straight) when he was on the cover of DNA magazine and photographed by Lewis Payton.

Looking at Ryan’s photos lately he’s lost a bit of the muscle bulk that he had a few years ago. His hair goes from curly surfer boy mop to short or to longer quiffed style and they all work for me. He looks like a guy you could take home to mum. I don’t think its a surprise either, looking at some of the Lewis Payton shots (far left) that google came up with a comparison to the legendary Statue of David. Fingers crossed he’s got a bit more going on in his undies.

Sadly, the website I found for Ryan hasn’t been updated in years.