So, being a tragic romantic and all round sap I was glued to the wedding coverage last night and loved it. Kate looked exactly how I think she should have. There wasn’t any extra drama in the dress just because it was a big occasion, just an elegant stylish beautiful woman.

On to the more important details. The men. Kate’s brother James has been left out of the papers and reports in the lead up so last night he was a bit of a surprise package, which we studied and decided was dressed to the right. Good looking guy. We did make grand assumptions that he’s on our team. Just because.

The man of the moment, William looked great in his dress uniform. He’s a good looking guy, but really needs to do something about the hair. Nothing a good set of clippers wouldn’t fix. His brother Harry of course looked great even if the uniform looked a little big. I’m calling Harry as the life of just about any party, especially that one.

David Beckham was my other favourite. His look was old school Hollywood cool glamour. The hair, the suit, the covering up of all the squillions of tattoos. Hot.