Society’s attitudes change and evolve over time, sometimes for the better and sometimes for worse. However liberal society has been at various times, nudists have been in the majority. Sure, decades ago it was normal for a lot of swimming pools in the US to have almost compulsory nudity for men at YMCA’s but I’ve not heard of that happening here.

These days you are much less likely to offend someone by revealing that you like hanging out with your junk out with your mates in the sunshine or at home than you would have in times past but the vast majority of your friends probably aren’t up for joining you.

How do you explain why you like it to a non-nudie? Quite often on nudist networking profiles you’ll see “I enjoy the freedom of being free and being a man with other men.” Sure I get that, but sometimes when read in the context of the rest of the profile, that translates to “I get horny when I see another naked person because it rarely happens but I’m not brave enough to ask for sex outright.”

Yes I would say there is an element of voyeurism and exhibitionism in a fair percentage of nudists and I know that will probably rile the purist nudies right up. It’s largely about being physically comfortable, enjoying the sensations of sun and the breeze in places that we’ve been told it’s not polite to expose. It’s about feeling comfortable with who you are and accepting your flaws. Ultimately if people see your genitals, really does it matter? No. It’s just more skin, just like they’d seen your thumb or shoulder, it just jiggles and bounces around a bit more.

Sure, there are friends that I would feel awkward stripping off with, but having been in that situation before, that awkwardness lasts about 5 minutes tops. Really, if you can’t be nude in front of your mates without judgement, who can you be nude in front of?