Some of the internet based porn companies like Corbin Fisher etc seem to be dipping their toe in the bareback pool these days. I saw a comment about a hot porn model where the commenter said “XXXXXXXXX is hot, but seeing as he is working with Corbin Fisher, I think he will probably bareback, which sucks…” Now I’ve seen this porn model on another modelling networking site and he says he is straight, which means he does gay-for-pay porn.

Just how far will guys go to make a living? As much as I have an exhibitionist streak that remains relatively unexplored most of the time, I would never have the guts to do porn. Nor would I risk my health for the sake of a bit more money. To be honest I think it’s very irresponsible of the studios to allow their models to take risks with their health, no matter how informed. I would be willing to put money on the fact that risks are played down to convince the guys to do it. Do the gay-for-pay guys really understand the dangers?

If you do the maths, there are hundreds of guys regularly working in the gay porn industry in the U.S. alone. There is a large incidence of HIV in the U.S. and these guys are willing to risk infecting their girlfriends and themselves to make a living? I just don’t understand. Maybe I’m not educated enough and maybe the studios are taking other precautions to keep their models safe. Do they sero-sort their models and only let the poz guys bareback with other poz guys? I am sceptical.