Chris Hemsworth was one of those hotties that pops up in a TV show you don’t like and it almost makes you watch it. He turned up in one of our evening soaps “Home & Away”  playing a young guy at the end of his schooling career. Like his younger brother Liam who has been tarnished by sleeping with dating Miley Cyrus (personal opinion, sorry) Chris always looked like he’d had an athletic outdoors upbringing.

Chris is about to hit our screens as “Thor” and apparently in preparation they told him “Get as big as you can”. It seems he might have gone too far because when he turned up on set, the costume they’d measured him for was now cutting off circulation in his arms. Oops. So Chris set about leaning down and getting rid of the blocky aspect of his bulk to reveal this amazing physique in the photos above. My GOD (of Thunder) he looks incredible. The discipline he must have had to achieve this is just outstanding.