It’s been a common thread running through this blog over the years that I’ve been single and not impressed about it. Lots of readers, time after time have told me (along with friends) that as soon as I stop looking is when I’ll find someone. Apparently you are right.

About 4-5 months ago I got caught up shooting for my exhibition and just enjoying what I had instead of focusing on what I didn’t have and soon after realised that I hadn’t given the husband-hunt much thought of late. Then in November I chatted to a guy and a little while later he asked me out. It’s still early days in the scheme of things but I am now a boyfriend.

I’ve made the mistake in the past of sharing too much about relationships on the blog. Remember Mike anyone? That ended badly. I’m not going to pour my heart out on here about how things are going or how wonderful he is. I’ll save that for him. Suffice to say I’m walking around happy.