When a nude photo of Chris Brown leaked to the internet this week it didn’t surprise me. He strikes me as the kind of foolish arrogant celebrity who would try and impress some girl (who he maybe hopes to smack around later?) by sending a cock picture to her. Just like Miley Cyrus believing no one would sell her out with photos of her sucking on a bong, Chris probably believed that the girl he sent this to wouldn’t sell it too. Hell, he’s probably silly enough to think that proving to the world he’s got a big dick means we’ll forgive the fact that he can’t control his temper and likes to belt women up.

What does surprise me is that I found the image on the right (before added bad tattoos) on Tumblr weeks ago and it’s been around for a while with no scandal. I’m also surprised that a celebrity is brave enough to go to a nude beach without caring about whether someone takes a photo. That bit I can respect, but that’s it.