On Monday morning, I was driving to work when a woman called in to the radio station I listen to, to complain about Fair Day, one of the big events on Sydney’s Mardi Gras calendar. It had been held in a big park the day before. In part of that park is a public swimming pool which was closed because of Fair Day.

The woman was complaining that “The Majority” don’t get a street parade and a big fair day that is unwelcoming to others. I beg to differ. In Sydney ‘The Gays” get one parade a year, one big Fair Day and a handful of other events.

Given that the “majority” is 9 out of 10 people and we are just one out of that 10 I believe they get a lot more than 9 times the number of Fairs, fetes, music festivals and countless other events where gay people are distinctly made to feel uncomfortable and perhaps even unsafe.

She proposed a “Majority” parade with women in power suits and men with briefcases. I don’t know what planet she’s living on but a lot of us, “the minority” wear suits and carry briefcases and walk amongst the “majority” every day, unnoticed. Our Mardi Gras parade started over 30 years ago as a protest for gay rights and all the participants were arrested. Our parade today still calls attention to inequality and unfair treatment, as well as celebrating that we have actually come some way forward towards equality which she would take from us no doubt.

What would her parade celebrate? Keeping us from being married? Keeping us from being able to adopt? Keeping us from being able to donate blood? The caller has just proven how far we have yet to go in our fight for our rights. Thankfully the radio hosts basically told her that her parade would be bloody boring and that she was being a bit unfair.