This interview came about after I had to delete a video that featured some young guys in it several weeks ago. “Tom” contacted me saying he’d seen the video and saw nothing wrong with it. Tom is a 19 year old college student who has been raised by his gay father, along with two younger brothers. They are all very enthusiastic nudists living a relatively unconventional lifestyle. I’ve changed names in this interview as they wanted to be anonymous. As long term readers will know, I’ve often wondered what it would have been like to have been raised in a nudist. I wasn’t raised to be ashamed of my body but my parents more conservative attitudes did rub off and I was very prudish for a long time. The photographs used in this interview are not the family being interviewed. Part two of the interview will be posted soon, and it will be with Tom’s father.

Have your parents always been nudists?
Dad has been a nudist since college. Mom is not and never as been a nudist. They divorced when I was around 10. My youger brothers and I live with Dad but see Mom all the time as she lives very close.

Growing up, how did your parents explain to you that not everyone walks around nude and that some people might not understand or like it?
Yes – we were certainly open about being nudist to family and friends but we were definitely told if we wanted  the freedom of being clothes free at home we could not be telling everyone about how we lived – they had their way of living and we had ours.

How open were you with friends growing up that you were a nudist?
We were very open – we all went to a progressive private school where it was common knowledge and certainly not an issue. My brothers are still at that school.

Was there a stage when you or your siblings hit puberty when you felt self conscious about being nude?
We all love living nude – I honestly never recall being self-conscious – to us it is quite natural and normal. Everyone is going to ask about erections I know. We are told to be proud of them, they are part of what makes us men, and they are no reason to be ashamed.

When you came out, did it make it easier knowing your father is also gay?
I never really had to come out – I always figured I was just like Dad and he said he could tell I was gay at a very young age. . My brothers are straight.

You have two younger brothers. Is it interesting to see them growing up and going through puberty and seeing how they handle it as nudists, now that you are out the other side of it?
It has been really beautiful to see the process of  their bodies  as they grow and  and how proud they are of becoming men.

Would you say that nudists are a bit more open minded about life in general?
Oh yeah – I think it really helps you to live without judgment and accept people for who and how they are.

You attend a very liberal university where it’s not uncommon to see nudity on campus. Do you think you would be comfortable going to a more mainstream or conservative university and having to wear clothes?
No way ! On nice days it’s not uncommon to see kids sunning themselves nude outside the dorm, playing frisbee  and just hanging out. I am in a men’s only dorm and me and a few other guys are naked 24/7 there.

You’ve managed to help convert several of the guys on campus and in your dorm to social nudity. Do any of them have a problem with hanging out nude with gay and bi guys?
Labels like gay, straight, bi don’t mean a whole lot like they used to – nobody seems to cares around here – I am lucky.

As a society we seem to be getting more prudish with showers at gyms becoming cubicles instead of open showers and guys going to extraordinary lengths to not be seen nude even in locker rooms. Why do you think that is?
Guys tell me they have never seen their father naked. They had their own bedrooms and bathrooms and no one ever saw them naked growing up after they were 3 or 4 or did they see anyone else. Most schools do not require showers anymore .Guys don’t even change their underwear to go back to class. It’s gross and weird to me. But then I don’t own any underwear !!

Nude beaches are stereotypically the domain of older people, what do you think holds younger people back from being nudists?
Maybe because they think people will hit on them but we been to beaches in FL, NJ, and California where we met other kids.

Typical 19 year olds masturbate a lot, what do you do for privacy living in a share nudist house and even sharing a bedroom?
We live very simply and very green in a small house with not much privacy.  Dad, my bros and I all usually sleep in a bunk rooom together. We only have one bathroom – kind of open European style with two shwer heads – open door policy.   We even have a bider to make sure we are always real clean. In warm weather, we sleep out out on the back porch. Warm weather I love to jack off up in the tree house – I can hang out up there for hours. I do it in the outdoor shower too. But most often, there is a small loft area in the house, accessible by a ladder, where I hang out and do it.

Would you say it’s important to you to when you are looking for someone to date, that they are interested in nudism too?
Be great if he was nudist too but that’s real hard to find – just be cool with me as I am.\

Do you have anything you would like to say to the readers of Aussielicious?
Naked is cool  – just do it !!