There is a religious conservative who is running for Lord Mayor in Sydney and he’s basically against anything remotely fun or interesting. He disapproves of our Prime Minister because she is unmarried and living in a de facto relationship. He thinks the Mardi Gras parade should be moved to a stadium so that it doesn’t entice the youth into lust and filth etc etc.

Well, in the face of such ludicrous moral conservatism, there is hope. A young straight Sydney-sider is organising a Pash Party Protest. For those abroad, what we call pashing is what Brits call snogging and the U.S. call macking or making out. The young straight guy, Danny Clayton is still undecided whom he will share his first same sex kiss with, but the fact that he’s willing to passionately kiss another man in support of gay rights is a brilliant sign of progress!

The facebook event is here. Go sign up if you are in or going to be in Sydney!