Australia’s north eastern state, Queensland is in the midst of a flood disaster unlike anything seen in decades. News reports are likening it to 1974 floods but predictions are for higher flood peak levels than those 36 years ago. In some areas flood peaks of 22 metres are being predicted which is just astonishing. Watching the news coverage all day, there have been some terrifying pieces of footage.

The video below shows just how fast water rose in Toowoomba in what they are calling an inland Tsunami. At the time of writing, 9 people are confirmed dead and 59 are unaccounted for. There are regions in parts of Queensland that no one has heard from and due to weather conditions, even helicopters can’t go and examine the situation.

Queensland’s capital, Brisbane is situated on the Brisbane River which is starting to break it’s banks right now but is only going to get worse over night and when the flood waters combine with a King high tide tomorrow afternoon.

To put the disaster in perspective, some news reports in the UK are saying that the area covered is greater than Germany and France combined.

I’m not sure on what options there are for donating from overseas but there is a Flood Relief Appeal raising money in a disaster which will cost an estimated $5 Billion to rebuild from. Click here to donate money.