Clothes Free TV pretty much does what it says on the box. It’s a regular series of reports from nudist venues around the U.S. One of the hosts is a guy called Aaron who appears to have been reporting on the show for quite some time and it gives us a bit of an insight into a man growing up in front of a camera.

The shots to the far left show Aaron’s earlier days. He looks like a fit, slim nudist and as the years have passed Aaron has clearly hit the gym quite a lot, got more and more tattoos and experimented with more and more grooming. The shot to the far right is the most recent I could find. Aaron is very groomed in the pubic region but seems to be dabbling with longer hair and now has a really big tattoo on his chest.

I wonder if he grew up in a nudist family or this is something he’s taken up on his own? (Click the image to see more detail)