As usual on a Monday it’s time for me to mine the clouds for silver and find the positives around us.

Yesterday I may have had an awkward coffee date (seriously why do I end up on dates when I log in to Grindr and everyone else gets sex?). I may have also had an awkward hookup kinda scenario later in the day. That doesn’t matter, today I got asked out on a date (and the word date was used) by someone I met a few weeks back that was really nice, so that’s put a smile on my face.

Three of my friends have lost their mothers this year, one of them just a week ago, which is tragic, but it has made me appreciate my mother even more. My mum is a strong woman with a great heart.

I may be working right up until Friday afternoon but work is relaxed and easy this week and then I have three weeks off.

A young nudist in the U.S. read my post about removing the video that showed potentially too young guys in it. He showed it to his nudist father and friends and none of them thought there was anything to worry about and I have also now gained a new person to talk to whose perspective on nudism is a more uncommon one.

One of the things I really liked today was finding the image above through a new Tumblr buddy who shares a lot of beautiful images. I had seen the photo cruising around tumblr but forgot where I saw it. Now my mission is to find out who the photographer is. That shot is stunning and would look amazing printed large.

So that’s my mining the clouds Monday. Anyone got some silver they want to chat about?