A few days ago a video I posted caused quite a controversy because the guys that were nude in it seemed on the young side. I understand where people were coming from but to be honest I have way more of an issue with this music video.

Milk67 have released this video with the very sexy Nick Beyeler in it but this video lives up to every stereotype of the cliched gay man that the rest of the world is having trouble accepting. A man is following a girl he finds attractive (in a stalky creepy way) and ends up following her into a monastery where all the GAY monks/clerics/priests are dancing in skimpy toga style robes to dance music. Once he’s there they give him a drink, strip him of his clothes, convert him and he forgets about women altogether.

Now I know this video isn’t meant to be taken seriously but it totally plays up to the image of shallow gay men only listening to dance music, not wearing much dying to get their hands on a piece of fresh straight meat to convert and leave their creamy load all over. Sorry, it’s just a boring stereotype.