Back at the start of the year I promised I was going to look for the silver lining in things and Mine the Clouds for silver. Well I am the first to admit that I haven’t done very well at that but I’m turning it around. I’ve been keeping it in my thoughts as much as possible and it’s working. So Mondays are, along with other posts, going to be where I post the stuff that is currently making me happy.

Work isn’t getting to me as much and I try and find something to make me smile, even the little things, most days. There is a Jacaranda tree right near work that has carpeted the outdoor area it’s in, with purple flowers that remind me of when I was a kid.

This afternoon I may have been stuck in the office but it was warm and sunny outside which always cheers me up. A very very dear friend of mine has had a couple of rough years and on top of other dramas recently lost her mother, but this week she was down in Melbourne seeing U2 perform live. She’s a huge fan and they even played her all time favourite song which is something they don’t do live very often.

I’m getting stressed about the looming exhibition opening date and whether everything will be in place in time, but then I’m reminding myself how much I’m also enjoying the shooting and creative process. It’s all good!