After Emackinations stopped blogging in the blogger sense of the word and announced he had switched to Tumblr. I had no idea what that meant but now I realise that not only have people’s attention spans been reduced to twitter’s 140 characters, we now are reposting everyone else’s photos.

I have no problem with it. It’s like a barometer of your personal taste, as to which photos or quotes you reblog. The photos above are all from Emackinations and surprised me that I was turned on by a few of them. I have no problem with Redheads but the idea of dating one is a tough one to get my head around as I could spend all day every day at the beach but that’s not possible for a redhead. I also don’t usually go for lots of ink but the tattoo shot is very hot.

SO, I have now added Tumblr to my list of online distractions. is where I’m at. I’ll be deleting my formspring account soon as Tumblr has a question function too.