We’ve heard of people googling themselves but do you think Urban Dictionarying yourself will take off? A friend had done it and posted the results, or part of them on facebook so I thought I’d go do it too. Given that it’s totally random and like Wikipedia, anyone can post stuff it’s a bit hit and miss but there are aspects that are spot on.

Definition 1: n. A great guy that’s funny. Knows karate and has a black belt. But can’t do a back flip. Known to play Xbox a lot. Good at playing COD4.

Definition 2: A cute, gassy man. attracts many girls. known for his sense of humor and charm. Intelligent but sometimes doesn’t use it. Normally very horny but will wait patiently if he loves you. Can eat you out of house and home if you let him.

Definition 3: Brentons are usually very very gay. They will age as old as 16 without reaching puberty, love ghostbusters, are generally despised by many and will for ever be picked on by everyone in his group. Also, has a rather undersized penis. Likes to drink on the odd occasion. Farting is a very common thing to occur in the presence of a Brenton.

Clearly I’m not going to agree with all of them, but they did make me laugh.